HELO signs creative technology company Nepyru

July 03, 2021

Nepyru is an engineering led, multi-award winning, creative technology company specializing in wonder. Driven by the most powerfully engineered technology of today, Nepyru keeps a close track of the promise of a hybrid, immersive and augmented future.
With 20 years of experience shaping campaigns and executions for brands, creative studios and agencies across all global territories, their interdisciplinary approach to creativity connects the physical with digital through technology, visual design and traditional storytelling and has led to 16 Cannes Lions, 23 FWAs and 19 Webby Awards, alongside numerous other industry accolades.
HELO is thrilled to announce the partnership with Nepyru adding a range of tech capabilities from the most complex HTML 5 web design to mobile to gaming to interactive immersive tech.
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